Operationalization 2013 (フライブルク, ドイツ) で高橋が口頭発表しました

招待してくれた Henrik Singmann に感謝します。

Operationalization 2013 (別ページ) という、認知心理学と哲学の学際的な研究のワークショップです。高橋の4ページアブストは



* 15. October:

* Tutorial 1: David Over: Has there been a paradigm shift in the psychology of reasoning?
* Discussion Session 1 (Tatsuji Takahashi): Biconditionals and “biconditional probability” in reasoning. (Discussants: Nicole Cruz & Vincenzo Crupi)
* Methodological Tutorial 1: Henrik Singmann: Modeling Continuous Data
* Discussion Session 2 (Nicole Cruz): Processing of negation in probabilistic deductive reasoning (Discussants: Ulrike Hahn & Jan Sprenger)

* Discussion Session 3 (Matthias Unterhuber): The New Tweety Problem: the Basic Problem and Future Experiments (Discussants: David Over & Macro Ragni)

* Tutorial 2: Edouard Machery: “Operationalizing folk theories and folk concepts”

* Dinner with Poster Session

* 16. October:
* Tutorial 3 Ulrike Hahn: Rational argument: From theory to data and back
* Discussion Session 4 (Barbara Kuhnert): Inference suppression and moral dilemmas. (Discussants: Matteo Colombo & Henrik Singmann)

* Methodological Tutorial 2: David Kellen: Cognitive modeling of categorical data

* Discussion Session 5 (Jan Sprenger, Matteo Colombo, & Marie Postma): Explanatory Value and Probabilistic Reasoning: An Empirical Study (Discussants: Niels Skovgaard Olsen & Björn Meder)

* Discussion Session 6 (Matteo Colombo & Leandra Bucher): Explanatory Reasoning, Moral Value, and Economic Incentive. Or… how much is your moral judgement? (Discussants: Momme von Sydow & Karolina Krzyżanowska)

* Discussion Session 7 (Jakob Koscholke, Michael Schippers, and Marc Jekel): An empirical study of coherence assessment. (Discussants: David Kellen & Edouard Machery)

* Food and Drinks: Freiburg Paradies




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